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Why Step-Up?

Determining the right time to Step-up your instrument or your student’s can seem overwhelming, especially given the variety available to choose from.  Though many violins and violas are similar in appearance, not all are created equal, and playing the right instrument can make a world of difference for developing talent.  With the guidance of both your instructor and Vermont Violins’ friendly staff, we can help ensure stepping-up to a new instrument will be a fun and exciting stage in your musical growth.

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Practice Cookies

There is nothing like a cold, snowy day to inspire a warm cookie baking session.   The icing and decorations provide a colorful contrast to the stark white flakes floating down our windows.  The cookies warm us up as we play games or come in from yet another round of shoveling.

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Developmental Differences and Why Your Kid Is Doing Fine

Parenting a young musician is as much of a commitment as being one. As the school year wraps up, many parents are evaluating if their child can, should, or wants to continue with strings. These questions may be further convoluted by doubt in a child’s abilities or motivation. Why won’t my kid practice? Why do other kids sound better? Should we throw in the towel? To shed light on such matters, it helps to look at where music education fits in to general childhood development. I’ll spoil the end before I get there; your kid is doing fine. We’ll get to those individual questions in future editions of this column.

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7 Tips to Get Your Child to Practice

You’ve just picked up your child’s new instrument, everyone is smiling, your child promises to practice, everything is great! Two weeks later, the instrument is collecting dust, and the word practice brings tears and tantrums. What went wrong???

Keep it simple & small:

Take 1-2 measures, or a line, and have them play it carefully 5 times. Reward, then move on to another small piece and repeat.

Routine – same time and place each…

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Kathy's Audition Tips

Many events and organizations require auditions for would-be attenders. Our local orchestras, All-State and All-New Englands require auditions as do many summer camps…and of course music colleges and advanced programs for our high school seniors. Some teachers ask for auditions to admit students into their studios.

Auditions can be scary! But there are a lot of things you can do to prepare yourself for the best experience. You can learn a lot about yourself and your playing by performing an audition. It can and should be a good experience.

Remember: not all auditions are “screeners”. There is no failing these auditions: your seat in an orchestra, for example, might be allocated according to the audition (not whether you get a seat) and it is an opportunity for the Music Director to get a sense of your capacities as he makes musical decisions about repertoire and seating. You want to get an appropriate seat: being placed beyond your capacities, or below, can be a bummer.

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Should You Rent Or Purchase Your Violin?

Should You Rent Or Purchase Your Violin?   Whether you choose to rent or to purchase a violin, viola, cello or bass for your student, our program provides the flexibility you need to support your student’s playing. 

When to rent:

 You are not sure how long the student will play.  A good idea for students (all ages) who have never played before or who took a long break from playing.  Reasons students quit vary widely, but include: pain (often previous injuries particularly in the neck, hands, or back), lack of...

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