Vermont Violins is committed to the community through a strong social, and environmental mission!

Vermont Violins is dedicated to promoting the study of violins, violas, 'celli, and bass'. In fact, the violin family of instruments is not only our specialty, it is all we do.  Owner, Kathy Reilly, is a violist having studied at the Oberlin College Conservatory of music.
Our workshop is staffed with outstanding luthiers who bring extensive knowledge of their professional training; both in instrument making and repair, & as performers and teachers of music.  Meet the Luthiers at Vermont Violins!

Social Responsibility

Employer Responsibility

Being a model employer is a critical component of this company's operations. We offer generous wage and salary packages, health, vacation, retirement, and training compensation.


Cultural Sponsorship Program

All of us at Vermont Violins live in our community, and part of the mission of the company is to foster the community music that we all enjoy! To this end, Vermont Violins actively donates to promote educational and artistic events happening throughout our region. While supporting the larger performing venues and organizations (the Vermont Symphony Orchestra, the Burlington Chamber Orchestra, and various performing venues), we retain a strong focus in our donations to schools and performance series with strong educational focus. Recent recipients include: The Vermont Youth Orchestra, the Green Mountain Youth Symphony, the Upper Valley Music Center, the Summit School, The Concord Community Music School.

We help support summer camp opportunities, like the Summit School’s Traditional Music Camp and the Northeast Heritage Music Festival, youth-fiddling organizations like Young Traditions Vermont and Fiddlestix. We promote master classes and help enable performers to present solo recitals.

In fact, if you have attended a violin or fiddle oriented event in the past year, it is very likely we helped with both financial and outreach support!

Our mission at Vermont Violins is to foster music in our community and the communities of our customers. While providing high quality and excellent service is socially responsible (and we'd have it no other way), so to is tangibly supporting the music our customers both enjoy and create. To this end, we donate a significant portion of our net profits towards the presentation of music in our community.


Pernambuco & Rare Materials Conservation

Making great music shouldn't come at a cost to the environment. Unfortunately, the wood used in the finest bows; pernambuco, is a rare wood teetering towards an endangered classification. Fortunately, the International Pernambuco Conservation Initiative has been actively replanting seedlings (over 100,000 planted to date) and fostering research into the wood species.  Vermont Violins carefully screens all pernambuco vendors to ensure that the wood is sourced legally and meets the IPCI approved principals for sustainability.

Vermont Violins abjures the use of contemporary ivory and while appreciative of the beauty of ivory in historic bows, we will not use it in any of our current restorations. Likewise, we seek sustainable sources of ebony and respect all laws, national and global, regarding the conservation of wood and animal species.