Kind words from our customers and musical community

On Trying Instruments with Kathy

Kathy was patient, took her time with me, and answered all my questions. I did not feel overwhelmed with too many choices: she gave me options and let me make my own decision. I always receive good customer service whenever I visit the store.
— Jeanne B.
Kathy was patient, took her time with me, and answered all my questions. I did not feel overwhelmed with too many choices: she gave me options and let me make my own decision. I always receive good customer service whenever I visit the store.
— Rob H.
Kathy is the best—worked with me for over a month before I bought a bass. And applying rental credit was awesome, as well as offering 0% financing. Simply the best and I will spread the word to all I know!
— Kathy M.
Kathy is the Violin Whisperer. So sensitive and understanding. She understood exactly what I was looking for. Prepared at visit. Coordinated with my violin teacher. I’m very grateful for her help.
— Sue F.

On Our Richelieu Instruments

“I want to send a shout-out to vermontviolins.com. I tried their Richelieu model fractional violas at the AVS Festival in LA this June and was so impressed! I have been recommending their instruments to my students (they ship for free—I live in the Washington DC area). They have violas as small as 11” (roughly equivalent to a 1/4 size violin), and they sound GREAT. Not only do they have great instruments but they also have great customer service. They called me up today just to inform me what is going on with one of my students’ instruments. I’m so impressed!
They have been a total game changer for me. I’m now working on teaching only viola to my kids who are 1/4 size and above. I’ve convinced half my violin students to switch! If you teach viola to children, I highly recommend giving them a call.”
— Attender, AVS Association
“If your research has brought this viola into the world, i say carry on. Great viola tone from the bottom to the top, plays as you ask it to. The 5th grader using this small instrument has heard the low C string vibrate for the first time. She is a youngster of talent with expectation of tone, articulation and intonation. I believe we can now get to the focus of mechanics with the reward of hearing the result not when you ‘“grow up” but as you master a technique.”
— Bob M.
I am a private violin and viola instructor in Silver Spring, Maryland, close to Washington DC, and
I’m currently in the process of earning a doctoral degree in Viola Performance at the University
of Maryland. I discovered Vermont Violins’ Richelieu model violas at the American Viola Society
Festival this last June in Los Angeles. As a violist, I was floored by the great sound coming out
of these tiny instruments. I knew what this meant for young children learning the viola!
At the time, I had only two viola students and about twenty violin students. I have since been
able to switch fourteen of my students to viola. Although not all of them have opted for the
Richelieu models, the ones who have are deeply satisfied and are enjoying the rich tone as they
progress in their playing. I, too, am more satisfied in my teaching, finding more fulfillment as I
teach my own instrument.

Many violists teach mostly violin students because we are under the impression that small violassound terrible. I am glad that Vermont Violins is leading the charge in reversing this belief.
Playing the viola is less competitive than playing the violin, and young children who play the
viola can have all the joys of music making along with a greater chance for musical
opportunities. The Richelieu model violas provide a beautiful tool to make this possible.
— Caroline C.

On Our Rental Program

A friend recommended your instrument rental program to us, and even though we are all the way in Savannah, Georgia her recommendation was so strong we gave it a try. And we’re glad we did. Shipping is easy, the viola is wonderful, and employees have always been quick to answer any questions I have. I am looking forward to being a long-time customer!
— Ginger H.
I went here as a complete beginner to rent my first violin and get started. I’ve also been back on two occasions for help tuning and to buy some necessary accessories. Every time I’ve been in the staff has been super helpful and very nice.
— Emily D
They are awesome! Been renting my daughter violin from there for over 2 years and whenever we need to upgrade or need supplies they are fantastic! We don’t live close so they will ship right to us. The violins and craftsmanship are extraordinary!
— Mary M.

On Our repairs & Lutherie

I have always had top notch service for my violin and bows at Vermont Violins. I can count on the staff to provide excellent work. Ed loves my violin as much as I do and takes care of it as if it were his own. That’s important to me. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere at the West Lebanon shop and I’m thankful for the excellent service you provide.
— Judy P.

general comments

I have been going to Vermont Violins for several years now. I bought a lovely restored fiddle from them as well as several bows. I have had repair work on a bow done and I am currently renting a Cello from them as well... They really focus on the sale of string instruments and the things you need to go with those instruments. They have an onsite luthier as well as an assortment of cases, fiddles, cellos, bows, chin rests, rosins etc etc. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly and even when I was a dead on beginner I never felt uncomfortable. The in house financing of large purchases is fantastic (why use my money when I can use theirs at no interest) and being able to use most of the rental fees toward the purchase of an instrument is great. When I have needed something they did not have in stock they brought it down from the larger stores quickly.... I am very impressed and will continue to do business with them and would highly recommend them to others.
— Stephanie G.
What a lovely place!
This is an awesome place for anyone who plays a violin, viola or cello. They are friendly, welcoming and knowlegeable. You will get a warm welcome and the instruments are high quality and beautiful. They will do all they can to assist you even if they don’t have what you are looking for.
Worth the trip!
— Susan C.
Knowledgeable and friendly staff no matter your age or level of playing; they are a wonderful local resource with uncommon expertise.
— Sunny S.
I brought my viola in to Vermont Violins in Burlington (conveniently located on Church St) because I had a nonworking fine tuner and needed a new tailpiece. While I was there, I talked with Kathy about what we could do to help improve the sound of my inexpensive student instrument, and she helped me decide on a new set of strings and a new bow. The strings and tailpiece were changed in a few hours while I ran other errands, and Kathy brought out a few bow options that were all still in my budget and let me try playing them until I found the one that called to me. The new strings and bow made a world of difference, and my viola now sounds significantly better than it used to! Kathy and Johanna were extremely knowledgable and were able to help me with exactly what I needed, and I am very pleased with my new sound. I will absolutely be taking my viola to Vermont Violins in the future for all its services!
— Marjorie H.
I had an excellent experience in every way with Vermont Violins in West Lebanon. Friendly, knowledgeable, going the extra mile to help me understand the pieces I brought in, and inspiring me to take up the cello at age 62!!!!
— --Jill F.
I just loved my experience at Vermont Violins! Everyone was so polite and helpful. I even got the opportunity to see and talk with the workers in the back rooms. I had many of my questions answered. The salesman was very joyous and funny in addition to being helpful.
— --Susan S.