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A Brief Interview with violin-maker Marit Danielson

I sit down with Marit Danielson to ask her about her thoughts on women in music. Though Marit is a graduate from the Manhattan School of Music in Viola Performance and of the North Bennet Street School in lutherie, I have to research a bit to get these pieces of information. She is a prolific violin maker and bow expert. She has worked with some of the premier makers in the United States and has sold countless violins to professional players nationally and internationally. She is also humble and would much rather be on a walk with her dog, Bromley, than having me ask her questions while she is being audio recorded.

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Why do seams open? What do I do if I have an open seam?

How do you know a seam has opened?  Perhaps there was a “pop”, or your instrument started buzzing.  Sometimes it is more obvious, like the large 4” gap between the back and the rib on the bottom of your cello.  The seams are the equivalent of the canary in the coal mine for string instruments in the winter.  They are the release valve that opens, hopefully, before the tension causes the top or back plate to crack.

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Should I Have My Instrument Checked Up By a Luthier?

Have you ever: picked up your violin and thought:  "you know, I used to really love this violin....I wonder why?"   Chances are, the violin is out of adjustment.

As weather changes and humidity levels rise and fall, instruments start to change.  Wood expands and contracts and as it does, the set ups, once perfect, not longer perfectly match the instrument and the tonal quality suffers.

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