Practice Cookies


 There is nothing like a cold, snowy day to inspire a warm cookie baking session.   The icing and decorations provide a colorful contrast to the stark white flakes floating down our windows.  The cookies warm us up as we play games or come in from yet another round of shoveling.

When practicing in winter became a chore for our son, I would use baking cookies as a distraction to the drudgery of repetition for young minds fascinated by everything except the notes on the page.  Five competent repetitions of the first line of Hunter’s Chorus equaled 2 cups of flour.  Four repetitions of line two with your eyes closed equaled the sugar.  Six repetitions of line three standing on one foot gave us the butter, and so on.  Magically, the practice session would equal the ingredients needed to make the cookies and practice was a win-win for everyone in the house.  Regretfully, we could not repeat it every day, but once a week it was fun to transform practice into a different kind of game, whether baking cookies or rounds of Tic Tac Toe. 


We did not plan the snowstorm for this weekend, but for those customers who had the pleasure of coming into the Burlington shop this weekend we had fun handing out the violin/viola/cello shaped cookie cutters.  We smiled as we listened to families plan which kind of cookies to bake, what decorations to use, and how to create an endpin for the cello cookies.  The only requirement for those who pick up a cookie cutter is we would like a photo of the decorated cookies. We can’t wait to see the photos of your cookies and their players! We will give a free magic rosin to the first ten people to submit photos.  And, if anyone wants to bring in some cookie samples….

Enjoy the snow, the cold, and your new cookies,