Wittner Finetune Pegs

With the weather rapidly changing, many musicians may have already noticed their pegs beginning to slip or find that their instruments are struggling to stay in tune.
Our solution is to install a set of Wittner Finetune Pegs. These geared pegs are set up so that they never slip in the pegbox, and the gears allow for players to more finely tune their instruments from the pegs, removing the need to rely on traditional fine tuners. These pegs are perfect for keeping your instrument stable in any season.

Wittner Finetune pegs are easy to turn as well, putting no strain on the wrist. These make Wittner pegs perfect for anyone struggling with wrist injuries or arthritis.
We love these pegs so much, we've installed them on all of our new Richelieu instruments!


Take 20% OFF a set of Wittner Finetune Pegs until 11/10/18!*

20% OFF a full set of Wittner Finetune Pegs, no discount on labor during installation

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