Rental Program

An affordable way to provide high quality instruments for the new and advancing string player.

"You're never too old, and rarely too young to start!"


Why Rent from vermont violins?


We want your student to fall in love with their instrument! A child can't learn to ride their bicycle with a flat tire - a child can't learn to play violin with a flat bridge. Vermont Violins focuses on providing high quality rental instruments from the start!

Professionally Trained Luthiers:

String instruments are hard work. As a student learns basic techniques, a poor set-up can lead to a frustrated and discouraged player. We invest heavily in our instruments. Our excellent in-house set-ups allow you to focus on what's truly important: the music!

Step Up Instruments:

At Vermont Violins, we pride ourselves on being equipped to help any player, from beginner to advanced. As you advance through your musical journey, you will want to step up your instrument in quality. We offer three levels of rentals, each designed for specific levels, so that you can always match your experience to your instrument. Prelude rentals are the perfect place to start renting. Our Concert rentals are step-up instruments for the advancing student and boast improved tone & dynamic range. For our most advanced players, we offer a Premium rental. This is designed for students requiring a superior sound and include instruments such as Rudolf Doetsch, Wilhelm Klier & V. Richelieu (made by hand by Vermont Violins!)

Community Commitment:

Vermont Violins is a locally owned company dedicated to supporting string players in our communities. We support a wide range of players from the beginning school student, to the Celtic fiddler, to the professional classical musician. We sponsor master classes, host children's fiddle sessions, and donate to the organizations which help educate our community string players of all ages and levels.



The Rental program Basics


Equity from your rent accrues as credit towards an instrument package. All of our rentals (even basses!) build credit towards purchasing your rental instrument or another instrument of equal or greater value. Two-thirds of your rental payments build credit so that you're always working towards owning your own instrument.

Easy Payment:

We have a simple autopay system set up that you never have to worry about remembering to send in your payments! Rentals are set up on a 3, 6 or 12 month term- your choice! We recommend starting with a three month term for beginners as this carries the least commitment. Longer terms are cheaper per month, but have a longer commitment period.

Damage Wavier:

Every rental includes the option to add on a damage waiver. The damage waiver protects you from incurring costs in the case of accidental damage to your rental instrument. This covers any accidental damage, tune-ups, and quick check-ups. Strings are not included in the damage waiver, but we'll happily install them for you in the case that they break.

Prodigé Rewards:

All active renters are automatically enrolled in our Prodigé Rewards program. This comes with 10% off accessories, 10% off sheet music, free shipping, access to complementary tickets to local concerts, and much more! See below for more information. 



investing in the future

The rental program is the first step. For the students who fall in love with music, we work closely with teachers and families to provide instruments and service for intermediate and advanced players. 

- Instruments can be traded up as the player progresses.

- Flexible in-house financing programs facilitate investment in more advanced instruments and bows. 

- Professionally trained luthiers help maintain instruments and bows, performing all levels as repair as necessary. 


V. Richelieu Instruments:

"Performance Instruments for Aspiring Soloists"

For the advancing players, we have created our V. Richelieu line of instruments. These are made in our Burlington workshop from aged European tonewoods, perfect for the advancing player looking for a performance level instrument. Available for rent or purchase, V. Richelieu instruments incorporate old world design with new world models. Check out pictures of our building process and more information here!



Prodigé Rewards

As an active renter at Vermont Violins, you are automatically enrolled in our Prodigé Rewards program! This entitles you to monthly discounts, free concert tickets, early access to new products and more. Check out the full list of Rewards you will get:

  1. 10% OFF any sheet music and accessories (does not include strings)
  2. Free concert tickets each month
  3. Monthly Prodigé-only deals on hot and popular products
  4. Free shipping on online or phoned-in orders
  5. Access to exclusive articles and practice tips