Meet the Luthiers


edward porte

Ed has been the head of our West Lebanon, New Hampshire workshop since 2006. He is originally from Minneapolis, Minnesota and studied violin repair with Lisbeth Nelson-Butler at the Red Wing Technical Institute. Ed has attended various classes with Karl Roy, Hans Nebel and Lynn Hanning at the UNH summer programs and has furthered his studies attending workshops with Eliza Scrollavezza in Parma, Italy.  His experience includes working with William Scott Violins from 2000-2001. In his time outside the workshop, Ed studies fiddling, biking, and spending time with his children, who studied Suzuki at MacPhail Center for the arts in Minneapolis, MN. Personal musical interests include the Hot Club of France, Baroque and traditional Irish fiddle music.



marcus bretto

Music has had a strong influence on Marcus' life since early childhood. He started playing a multitude of string instruments very early on, and finally decided to learn both violin and woodworking at the age of 12. After realizing that both of these skills could be merged into one, he began performing minor repairs for the stringed instruments at the middle school in his hometown: Hingham, Massachusetts. He continued doing repairs for the district until his graduation from high school. Marcus continued to follow his passion and enrolled in the violin making and repair program at the North Bennet Street School in Boston, Massachusetts. He completed the three year program, and joined the team at Vermont Violins shortly afterwards. Marcus is a member of the Violin Society of America. He goes annually to the Oberlin Acoustics Workshop. Marcus is also a self taught blacksmith, having begun at the age of 14 with the intent of making better tools for the luthierie trade.


새 이미지.JPG

jong-won lee

Jongwon Lee joins us at Vermont Violins from Seoul, South Korea. A student of Tschu ho Lee and Brian Derber at the Chicago School of Violin Making, Jong has dedicated himself to the craft of lutherie for almost 30 years. Jongwon's impressive achievements include repair/restoration projects on Rostropovich's Maggini cello, Pablo Casal's D'Espine cello and Alan Berg's Strad. In addition to an impressive repair and restoration resume, Jongwon has built over 60 violins, 6 violas and 2 cellos. 



marit danielson

After graduating from the Manhattan School of Music in 1987 in Viola Performance, Marit Danielson went on to earn a BA from Bryn Mawr College with a degree in Art History and Philosophy. In love with the instruments, but turning away from a performance career, she combined her love of art, history, music, and craft at the North Bennett Street School of Violinmaking where she earned a certificate of completion in the lutherie school. Her training advanced as a three year intern at the shop of Curtin & Alf, perhaps the premier makers in the United States today. Marit has been an independent violinmaker with national sales and placements in fine violin shops nationally, including Vermont Violins.


Young Ju w Harrell bow.jpg

young-ju kim

Young-Ju is a bow specialist at Vermont Violins in Burlington. A graduate of the Kaywon School of Art in 1986 and Chugye University for the Arts in Seoul in 1990 for viola performance, Young-Ju brings a wealth of string knowledge with her. She studied at the Chicago School of Violin Making in 1994 and worked at Jong-Won Lee strings for sixteen years.


Alana Lapoint.jpg

alana Lapoint

Alana’s experience as a studio portrait artist, specializing in oil, makes her the perfect addition to our luthier team as a varnish specialist. She is an expert in varnish pigments and colorization, and she brings a keen eye and natural artistic sense in the application of color and oil to our violins. Alana studied Studio Art at Johnson State College and has taken her work to Iceland where she performed residencies as her work was shown in studio. Her work can be seen hanging in numerous art houses in the US, and she has participated in scores of exhibitions both domestically and abroad.