Pedi Oblong Violin Case

Pedi Oblong Violin Case


Stronger than a plywood case,

lighter than a foam case...

  • Patented design innovations

  • Highest quality bow-holders

  • Improved interior top pillow

  • Patented "Steel Shield" structure

  • Music pocket with extra pocket for pencils, phones etc.

  • Unique hidden ultra light, ergonomically designed backpack straps that fold away when not needed

  • Dimensions: 11" wide, 31 1/4" long, 6 1/2" high

  • Available in black, red, blue, brown, & olive green exterior

  • Interior color is gray

  • Weighs just over 5.5lbs


Strength In Technology

The model 51150 is not just a lightweight case. Pedi's patented "Steel Shield Protection Structure" provides extreme durability and superb pressure resistance up to 175lbs.

Spacious & Weather Resistant

The Pedi Model 51150 is not just a basic case. The oversized music pocket has an added accessory pocket that fits anything from a pencil to a smartphone . The front guard flap is magnetized and the exterior fabric's water resistance combines with the shell material to help keep unwanted moisture away from the instrument.

Smart & Unique

Having a shoulder strap and a backpack system can be a great asset in our daily commute.  But keeping unnecessary straps dangling around can not only be a minor annoyance, but also lead to unexpected accidents.  The backpack system of the Pedi Model 51150 can be stowed and concealed completely when not in use.

Beyond Essentials On A Budget

Less expensive doesn’t always mean less functionality. The interior is equipped with two small and one large accessory compartment, a humidifier tube, and two leather-lined bow holders. The interior lining features an ultra-soft suede-style microfiber fabric which perfectly complements Pedi's "added safety" suspension system. 


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