Scala Corta Cello

Scala Corta Cello


We were delighted to discover the Scala Corta cello, designed by Stephanie Voss as the perfect answer to a frequent problem: how can a small person play an instrument as large as a cello. We frequently heard of players suffering from aches and pains as they struggled to negotiate the traditional string length of a full-scale cello.

Offering a 7/8 cello is helpful, but often they have more limited tones as the body size is reduced. The Scala Corta offers a shortened string length on a body of a full-scale cello! The smaller neck, reinforced with a carbon-fiber truss rod offers a perfect solution. Smaller hands can easily negotiate the shortened string length yet the sound is full and robust!

And for those suffering arthritis, the Scala Corta has also been a godsend: with less finger-stretching, the hands are under far less stress.

To fully accommodate the shortened string length, the peg box has also been redesigned to allow more room, pushing the C-peg higher up and further away from the hand at rest in first position.

And, to top it off, Tonareli Cases has designed a lightweight, carbon-fiber case that perfectly fits the Scala Corta — included in the price!

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The Scala Corta Cello is:

-A 4/4 cello

- The string length is only 655mm or 25 ½” (standard 4/4 cello string length is 690mm or 27¼”)

- To allow for a thinner neck without sacrificing endurance and stability

we built in a carbon fiber rod into the neck

- Designed by Stephanie Voss, Master Violin Maker holding a Master in Violin Making Diploma from Germany

-The C-peg is redesigned to sit higher in the peg box to allow for better string vibration and more playing comfort

- It is set up with genuine parts :

         New Harmony Music endpin, made in the USA

         Belgium style bridge by Chevalets Despiau made in France

         Fingerboard made by Flaxwood, Finland

- It is moderately priced and includes a carbon fiber light weight cello case, specifically designed for the Scala Corta Cello