Ravenna 34 Lever Harp by Dusty Strings

Ravenna 34 Lever Harp by Dusty Strings

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Playing the harp is much easier and more enjoyable when you have an instrument that sounds good and functions well, and this is the driving concept behind the Ravenna models. To provide the best performance, the Ravenna is made with the same high-quality hardware and materials as our more expensive models. In order to meet our goal of affordability for the most budget-conscious harpists, we came up with an innovative construction technique that reduces the time we put into building them. We also priced separately all the accessories and options that are useful but not immediately essential, which is why the base price includes just the instrument, a tuning wrench and the most commonly-used sharping levers. Each person can then add exactly what they want or need to fit their budget.

The Ravenna 34 features nearly five octaves of the characteristic Dusty Strings sound - a warm, strong bass balanced by a bright, clear treble. It has a comfortable staveback design and even string tension, allowing for precision playing. To keep the carrying size of the harp relatively compact and portable, the stand (if you choose to include one) is completely removable and comes apart to fit in one of the case pockets.

Additional sharping levers can be ordered with the harp or added later as budget allows. All the lever holes are pre-drilled, making it possible to add Loveland levers later on, but it does require time and detailed work, so we recommend starting out with as many sharping levers as your budget can accommodate. More levers means a wider range of available playing keys, and anyone who gets seriously into playing the harp will eventually want a full set of levers.

Most people find that raising the Ravenna 34 about 5 inches off the floor is a comfortable height for playing, and you can choose either a drop-down leg or a stand to achieve this. The drop-down leg slides into playing position with the twist of a knob, adjusts to any height, and retracts back into the harp when you're done playing. The removable stand raises the harp about 5 inches (8-inch and 12-inch legs are also available) and holds it steady on four legs. If neither option fits in the budget, you can set it up on a small box or step-stool while playing.

  • 34 strings, 4¾ octaves

  • Laminated birch soundbox

  • Comfortable staveback design

  • Options for a full or partial set of Loveland sharping levers

-Ravenna harps require special shipping. We will contact you to arrange shipping after you place your order.-

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The Ravenna-26 and Ravenna-34 Harps are available for purchase for a base price of $1,295 (26 string) or $2,145 (34 string), which can be applied to one of our in-house Financing Plans for 0% interest over 12 months.  All other models of Dusty Strings Harps are available for 12month, interest-free financing; please call for prices and delivery times.

For the beginner player, not yet ready to commit to a purchase, we offer a 24 month Rent With Ownership plan: 24 Monthly payments of $83.00 each with the option to return the harp at any time, with no further commitment. Rental harp is the Ravenna-26, fully levered with deluxe bag, tuning wrench and stand with 12" legs.

For a more advanced player, or someone looking for an instrument with greater versatility, we recommend the Ravenna-34 which is also available on a 24 month Rent With Ownership plan of $129.95/month.  These harps come outfitted with a deluxe bag, tuning wrench and stand with 5" legs.

These harps come in a number of different colors and styles which are available by special order.