Orchard Valley Waldorf School Online Contract

Thank you for considering Vermont Violins for your 2019 school instrument rental. Below are links to important articles such as our pricing, basic rental questions such as sizing and different levels, as well as general information about our rental program.

At Vermont Violins, it's never been easier to get started with Back to School Starter Kits. Each Starter Kit is specifically customized for your string program by your teacher and contains all the essentials to get you started with the right gear for your first few months in orchestra! Check below for a full list of everything included in your school's starter kits. 

If you already have your required accessories or are looking for a standard contract from us, please follow the link to our standard online contract.


The orchard valley waldorf School Starter Kit includes:

  • Rosin

  • PolyPad Shoulder Rest (violin, viola)

  • Suzuki Book 1 w/CD

  • I Can Read Music vol. 1

  • Staff Paper

  • Chromatic Tuner

All for just $40 added to your first rental payment!