Vermont Violins is proud to partner with Dipper Restorations to bring his fine Baroque bows to northern New England

Baroque Imported Workshop Bows

A Brief History of Baroque Bows

Although the modern conception of the violin has been pretty firmly in place for over a century, there was a significant era of innovation in violin and bow making in the early 19th century.  During this period, music was changing dramatically, moving out of the early Baroque era into newer forms of music which put new (read more)

Andrew Dipper Master Quality Early Bows

Andrew Dipper of Dipper Restorations is a master bow maker. He has been making baroque, early baroque, late baroque, and classical bows since 1992. Additionally, he has created a line of imported Baroque workshop bows which he reworks to his specifications. His Master bows are copies of works by the best makers of past times. Available models from Dipper Restorations include: Clip-in frog, Cremaillere Rachet mechanism, Corrette, Italian, Tourte, Stradivari, Dodd and Pike head. Prices range from $2200 to $3500 depending on the model. Contact us for more information on Andrew Dipper Master Bows.


Andrew Dipper

Andrew Dipper is a maker of highly regarded historically informed baroque and transitional bows, using innovative materials like unique sustainable woods for sticks and frogs, and water buffalo horn tip plates and buttons for ease of international travel. These bows are played by professional Early players around the globe. Dipper's work can be found in many of the world's foremost public and (read more)