Should i rent or buy a violin?

Whether you choose to rent or to purchase a violin, viola, cello or bass for your student, our program provides the flexibility you need to support your student’s playing. View the pros and cons of renting to decide which option is best for you.



what are v. richelieu instruments?

Made in our Burlington workshop, V. Richelieu instruments are performance-level instruments for aspiring soloists. We carry fractional and full-size violins and violas available for rental or purchase.



how do i find the right instrument?

Finding the perfect instrument can be a daunting task. Luckily, our owner, Kathy Reilly is here to help you find the right instrument for you. 


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where can I get my instrument fixed?

At Vermont Violins, you can rest easy knowing your instrument is in the care of highly trained and dedicated luthiers. All of our luthiers have attended and graduated from some of the top violin making schools in the world. Reserve your appointment today.



How do I find the right bow?

Pernambuco or carbon fiber? Heavy stick or light stick? What bow hair should I use? Check out our guide to bows by our owner Kathy as well as bows brought to Vermont through our partnership with Lucchi Cremona.



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