Seven Stars All-Comers Jam


Seven Stars All-Comers Jam 

Sunday, April 21st
4PM+ (until about 9)

A free, inclusive and relaxed, all ages and levels welcome New England repertoire tunes jam (Scottish, French Canadian, Irish, Cape Breton, Scandi etc.) in a democratic, sit-in style. We will go around the circle to allow each person to start a tune/small set or pass on their turn and all folks are welcome to play and work on picking up tunes by ear with each offering. Dancers and listeners are very 
welcome as well! 

Fiddles, mandolins, cellos, guitars, banjos, flutes, accordions, harmonicas, percussion etc… come enjoy a laid-back time of forming a new community music gathering. 

We encourage folks to bring goodies to share for our food table in the main hall upstairs where we will be playing.
Feel free to stop by for as little or as long as you like! RSVPs appreciated to gauge the numbers, but not required. Questions, comments, concerns, philosophical musings? Please don’t hesitate to contact me:


Vermont Violins