Cello Chan Woods


 The CelloChanWoods Retreat is presently the only retreat of it's kind.
Now in it's ninth year, the retreat has a successful track record of creating a many faceted
environment that is conducive to transformation on different levels.  Cellists clarify and deepen their personal visions of what it means to be an artist, cellist, and creative person.  Commonground  is an inspiring setting where participants spend seven days exploring and resolving cellistic issues ranging from physical tension and technical problems to  emotional and artistic blocks. They receive one-on-one mentoring from staff and lessons daily.
     Modeled in part after a  Zen Retreat, participants receive tools over the course of this intensive week
that can lead to surprising growth.  The morning talks given by Suzanne Smith, followed by beginning meditation and a period of silence in the morning, sets the tone for the days work.  The calm achieved gives cellists a chance to gather their thoughts and feelings apart from normal social chatter. Concentration is heightened and creative ideas can more easily emerge.  The support of a close knit community contributes greatly to a student's willingness to try new things.   The afternoon is filled with rest, rehearsals, and outside activities.  Activities include walks, swimming, games, rest, and other events. This contrast between free wheeling fun and concentrated work is balanced in a such a way that students are able to be fully present for the focused work in the morning.   Chamber music coaching and improvisation classes are in the afternoon.   Suzanne is available throughout the day for interviews and private lessons.   We welcome you to join us on a special cellistic adventure in a magnificent setting.  

CCW accepts cellists from age 12 up to adult.  
Levels:  Beginner/Intermediate ( at least Book 3 Suzuki),  Advanced,  and Very Advanced


The Location

Commonground.org is located in Starksboro, Vermont.  It has been home to many
retreats and provides participants with the perfect environment to nurture
the creative spirit.  It consists of 700 acres of trails, a spring fed lake, and more.  
Participants wishing to drive will be provided with free parking during the week.
Those who fly into Burlington Airport can arrange with us for transportation to the retreat.

Accommodations at the Retreat

Each participant will receive  packing and other information approximately 3 weeks before the retreat.  Cabins, with linens included, provide comfortable  sleeping and inside pratice space. Vegatarian, Meat, and Vegan dishes are available at every meal. Our certified Chef is dedicated to serving meals that inspire & nurture.