Pete's Posse at the Cabot Town Hall

Pete's Posse
this Sunday, February 10th at 4pm at the Cabot Town Hall!


Info and advance seats:  
or call 802-793-1016 

One thing I've learned about Pete's Posse is that they put on a great show every time. We are incredibly fortunate to have musicians like these to call our own. With a forecast of partly sunny and temps above freezing, it looks like the weather is going to be nice.

Three reasons to purchase your tickets in advance...
1) You save money!
2) It helps us operate more efficiently (we don't have to take your money, we'll just check you off this list!)
3) It saves your promoter (me) from stressing that no-one will show up!

So, c'mon out and see a great show - support Pete's Posse, Cabot Arts, and a lively arts and music scene on your own community! 

Check out Pete's Posse website:



The Den at Harry's Hardware (across the street) will be open until the concert begins. C'mon by for a pre-concert nosh or libation. And if you're early enough, you can catch some of the old-time jam session.