Vermont Violins

Proudly serving the Concord, NH community for over 10 years

Vermont Violins is proud to serve both the Concord Community Music School as well as the entire area surrounding Concord, NH. We have been a staple in the community for over ten years, making frequent trips down to the area serving both professional musicians and students. 

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concord community music school

Founded in 1984, Concord Community Music School is New Hampshire’s largest community music school and among the 30 largest community arts schools nationally. Its mission is to foster a sense of community through music by providing the fullest possible array of musical experiences for people of all ages, musical abilities, and backgrounds. Toward this end, it seeks to:

  1. Offer programs of excellence in musical instruction, performance, and participation
  2. Develop the musical abilities, understanding, and enjoyment of all students and audience members
  3. Provide a musical environment that is welcoming and offers access to all
  4. Recruit, nurture, and reward an outstanding artist faculty that embraces the School’s values
  5. Build a board and staff team that provides excellence in governance and management.

Core values are artistic excellence; access for all; musical friendships; lifelong musical learning; and faculty recognition, respect, and development.